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Praise for Dressing for Hope
“Lorna Jackson can do amazing things... From wry to heart-wrenching, such emotional range in short fiction is achieved only by a writer who will take a risk, and who knows the subtleties of tone like the frets of an old guitar.” Christian Peterson, The Fiddlehead
“Jackson is wryly funny and a gymnast of the alphabet, dextrous with both language and meaning... We're in Lorrie Moore territory... full of loopy humour and chiseled wit, but threaded with a sadness that blooms near the end into something sharply poignant. Thank goodness for writers like Lorna Jackson.” Zsuzsi Gartner, Malahat Review
“Her impressionistic stories hang not on rationale, but on the lazy, lyrical drive of country and western music and the deductions of the heart.” Tamas Dobozy, Canadian Literature
“Her characters know the realities of drinking too much and living on the road. Theirs is a world of exotic dancers, grumpy bar managers and bad restaurant food. But even with the bleakest of situations, Jackson's wonderfully dry style carries the day.” Vancouver Sun
“A knockout collection of first stories: caustic and witty, haunting and mobile, Jackson's stories map the labyrinth lives of loggers, lovers, waitresses, guitarists, dog-show debutantes, and aspiring country singers getting chewed up on jerkwater lounge circuits around the west. If I was plugging this book in Hollywoodspeak, I'd say: Think Hamlet meets Baywatch.” Mark Jarman, Monday Magazine

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