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Reviews for Cold-cocked: On Hockey
“Prose for Puckheads” by Steven Galloway The Globe & Mail Dec. 31, 2007 (Subscriber Link)
“Fan Fare” by Adrienne Mercer, Monday Magazine Nov. 7, 2007
“ ‘Cold-cocked’: The Hit of Hockey” by Geoff D’Auria, The Tyee Oct. 5, 2007
“Cold-cocked burns with hockey’s passions” by Brian Lynch, The Georgia Straight Oct. 4, 2007
“Woman on the rink” by Joe Wiebe, Vancouver Sun Sept. 15, 2007
Pre-publication praise for Cold-cocked: On Hockey
“A real triumph and a book hockey fans deserve. Cold-cocked deserves a place on the pantheon. Absolutely one of the best hockey books of our era.” Dave Bidini, author of Tropic of Hockey, The Best Game You Can Name, Baseballissimo
“Lorna Jackson's honest love of the sport earns her the right to see it with surgical eyes, and lay the game bare with her trademark wit. Touched by brilliance, these are insights fresh as can be, with not a post-game cliché to be found—and yet there's something here as warm and familiar and trustworthy, and Canadian, as wool socks in the drawer. She's no mere spectator; she's a player.” Bill Gaston, author of Midnight Hockey and The Good Body
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