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Excerpt from "I Flirt with Janet Jones Gretzky"


-Your hands are bigger than Wayne's.

-Oh my gosh, you noticed that? Don't say I'm taller, just don't. He hates that. Wayne has a great deal of pride and he's extremely competitive. He doesn't like to lose, even to me. I'm going to pour more water on the rocks. I like it very hot. Cute bracelet you're wearing; my daughter makes those for her friends.

-What's that smell?

-I've added several drops of eucalyptus special for saunas. We find it really soothes muscles after a workout and it clears Wayne's sinuses. Sometimes, we add sandalwood, and the kids like a lemon milk we get from Australia. They say it smells like Easter, but we don't see the connection.

-You've done remarkable designing in here. The cedar actually seems more Louis XV than Finnish.

-Oh my gosh, that's what Jarri Kurri says when he visits! “Yawnet”—that's what he calls me!—“Yawnet, what have you done to my country here? What's about the arches and the swirls? What's about the cherubs?” he always says, and I'm, “Jarri, please, relax, it's my style!” He's a lovely, lovely person.

-You like athletes.

-I love athletes. And dancers. People who take their bodies to the limit. But athletes especially. Oops. Sorry. No no. Your leg's fine there, I'll just scootch over a bit. You have very plump calves, very nice. You must work out. How old are you, if you don't mind the question?

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